The Unguarded Moment

From an incomplete set of of black-&-white 35mm slides containing movie stills I bought from an antique market in Bristol several years ago, here’s one labelled as follows:

15. In den Fängen des Teufels
R: Harry Keller
R498 Bewegung vor der Kamera
Institut für Film und Bild

“R 498 Bewegung vor der Kamera” (“Movement on Camera”?) is the collective title for the set, from which I have slides 1-5 & 7-17. Google Translate suggests “In the Devil’s Clutches” as an English equivalent for In den Fängen des Teufels, a title which made no attempt to ape the original one: The Unguarded Moment.

This was an apparently undistinguished 1956 movie starring Esther Williams, aka the “million dollar mermaid”, who is depicted on the slide. Although the still looks like it could be something from a starkly monochrome film noir, the movie was a Technicolor one, as the trailer testifies. Why this film was singled out, and to what presumably educational end this image was selected from it - I do not know.