Telephone Pen

John Heath is my father’s name, so when I saw a box of John Heath brand ‘Telephone Pen’ dip pen nibs on ebay I felt inclined to buy them.

‘JOHN HEATH’S FIRST CLASS EXTRA STRONG PENS.’ says the back of the box ‘Combine great thickness of metal with perfect flexibility and smoothness of action, and are far more durable than any others.’ A bold claim: I have my doubts.

‘All the latest improvements in steel pen machinery’ it continues ‘have been applied to the Manufacture of these pens; every process is conducted with extra care by the best “hands” and the PENS UNDERGO A MOST RIGID EXAMINATION before they are sent out. Purchasers will please observe that NONE ARE GENUINE without a fac-simile of the signature of JOHN HEATH on the label of each box … to imitate which is FORGERY.’