Elco Paris Linen

An open box of Elco 'Paris Linen' stationery, with envelopes visible; along with the lid of the box.

Elco is a Swiss stationery brand that is one of the relative few still in business: long may they continue! For those of us old-school letter-writers, their current James line of writing paper (with its distinctive scalloped edges) is excellent both for fountain pen and typewriter use. As well as their current offerings I’ve also acquired (via ebay as usual) a couple of their discontinued lines. The latest such addition to my stationery stash is the box of Elco Paris Linen paper & envelopes shown above.

A closed box of Elco 'Royal Linen' stationery.

As well as their Paris Linen, I’d previously obtained a box of Elco Royal Linen of seemingly later vintage. While the latter was linen-faced which is to say it had a surface texture made to vaguely resemble that of woven cloth, the former has more of a faux-fabric look rather then feel, with a smoother surface which has a somewhat clothlike patterning applied to it. And whereas the Royal Linen sheets were A5 and the matching envelopes A6, the Royal Linen has non-ISO-compliant dimensions, the paper being ca. 24cm x 16cm, and the envelopes made to accommodate those sheets folded in three.