Fly or Die

Two of the 'Fly or Die' albums by jaimie branch and her quartet on CD.

A newly-released arrival in the post this week - the third and final Fly or Die album by jaimie branch and her quartet: Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)). It’s pictured above with FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise (2019) - both on CD. I have yet to aquire Fly or Die (2017), the initial album in the series.

I wrote a little on my former blog about how I came to hear branch’s music. As a new fan, eager to encounter more of her work, it was a body blow to learn of her untimely death later last year. More recently there was the news that a posthumous album, all-but-complete when she died, would be forthcoming.

I’d already heard ‘The Mountain’ which had become firmly embedded in my mind over the past month. At first acquaintance with the record as a whole I wasn’t sure I liked it as much as FLY or DIE II, but I’m still getting to know it and my feelings may change. As well as ‘The Mountain’, I am, at the time of writing, particularly fond of the tracks ‘Baba Louie’ and ‘Bolinko Bass’.