A Texas Instruments TI-3500 desk calculator, displaying the number 819.80085

If £98,376,102 were to be divided equally between 120,000 people, I wondered: how much would each person get? I went to my Texas Instruments TI-3500 calculator in search of an answer, which turned out to be £819.80. A lucky minority of 10,200 people could be given an extra penny.

The TI-3500 was introduced in late 1972 as part of Texas Instruments' Datamath line of devices. I bought one because I do like an orange ‘Panaplex’ display. Something with Nixie tubes might have been even nicer, but they’re highly collectable and consequently tend to be expensive.

As mentioned previously, I have an upstairs calculator and a downstairs one, with the TI-3500 currently fulfilling the latter role.