The cover of the LP 'Red' by Black Uhuru.

At the Oxfam shop in Thornbury recently, I spotted a copy of the LP Red by Black Uhuru. It was priced at £3.99, which didn’t seem too much to pay. I already owned a copy of the group’s 1980 album Sinsemilla, so getting the follow-up struck me as a fine idea. Noting the damage to the cover (shown above) I thought I’d better first check the state of the vinyl within. A pleasant surprise was in store - a plain red inner sleeve contained a bright red record, which, moreover, appeared to be in good order.

The red-coloured vinyl version of 'Red' by Black Uhuru.

For just short of £10, I picked up Red, along with two classical piano LPs. On getting them home, the latter both proved to be disappointments: even Sviatoslav Richter couldn’t sell me on the merits of a couple of early Beethoven sonatas; and the sound quality of the early ’60s Chopin recital by Adam Harasiewicz left much to be desired. Black Uhuru, on the other hand, sounded great!