Writing Case

An early '80s writing case and its contents.

Pictured above, a leather zip-up writing case with some of its original contents: the little matching address-book; and the calendar showing one panel of the six on a folding card, running from ‘82 (presumably when the case was sold) to ‘87. The pad is a recent addition - a Wedgwood brand one (in ‘Duke’ size) which is probably a little older than the case–I would guess mid-’70s based on the 22p Woolworth’s price sticker on the back. The envelopes are the right size, but are from a different Waverley-branded stationery set. And the fountain pen, only placed there for the photo, is a Super Rotax 89, probably of ’70s vintage.

I’d not be at all surprised if many more writing cases were bought than actually used. I get the impression they were the sort of item that might serve as a vaguely impersonal gift to a recipient one didn’t know very well. In any event, it’s not difficult to find barely-used examples in good condition on ebay. In my experience they’re less often in evidence at charity shops or junkshops, though the one above was purchased from just such an establishment. There were de-luxe writing cases, but mine seems fairly cheaply-made, and must have been mid-market at best.