An early '70s CBS LP inner sleeve, printed with promotional matter about the new-fangled cassette and 8-track tape formats.

Among my latest vintage vinyl purchases, a copy of Johnny Cash’s 1964 LP Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian. Judging by its inner sleeve it’s not a ’60s original but an early ’70s re-press. On one side of that sleeve (shown above) is some promotional matter informing the listener about a couple of new-fangled audio formats: the musicassette and the 8-track cartridge. “The size of a packet of cigarettes!” “Practically indestructible!” “Child’s play to operate!” On the reverse are listed a variety of CBS releases available on cassette, including Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Songs of Leonard Cohen, Abraxas and the soundtracks to The Graduate and Funny Girl.

Bitter Tears is a striking and interesting record. While at certain aspects of it (notably the cover photo), definitely wouldn’t pass muster today, the angry sentiments behind the songs are still regrettably valid. Not really quite enough of a Cash fan myself to hold on to it, I’ll be passing it on to my father.