Half a dozen classical CD releases seemingly not yet catalogued on discogs.com

After a tedious yet oddly satisfying exercise of ‘stock-taking’ my music collection and updating its on-line representation at discogs.com, I was left with some seventeen CDs and LPs which I was unable to find in that database, voluminously extensive though it is. Discogs' coverage is less complete with respect to classical than the other styles of music on my shelves; and, I suspect, the site’s usage must be less widespread outside the Anglophone world than within it: in any event, most of the uncatalogued seventeen are classical releases from non-English speaking countries.

Six of the CDs in question are shown in the poor-quality photo above. Left to right, from the top:

  • An album of piano trios by Russian composers issued on the Cologne-based C-AVI label in 2014.
  • On a label affiliated with the Museum & Estates of the Palace of Versailles, a recital disc of 18th-century French harpsichord music. This one’s a 2023 release so maybe it’ll appear at the site in due course.
  • Also French, on the now-defunct Timpani label, a delightful album of chamber works by the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů. Dating back to 2007, this disc’s chances of turning up at Discogs seem slimmer.
  • An album bringing together two of the chamber works composed by the Bohemian-born Antonín Rejcha, performed by Czech musicians on the Praga Digitals label. Despite all those mitteleuropean associations, the label is another French one. Rejcha himself ultimately settled in Paris, where he became known as Antoine Reicha.
  • From Warsaw, on the CD Accord label, the seventh and last in a series of releases devoted to the string quartets of Mieczysław Weinberg (Wajnberg in Polish orthography). A few of the others in the series can be found at Discogs, so perhaps this one will follow suit in time.
  • A 2-CD set of compositions by Alfred Schnittke, in classic recordings issued by the Russian Melodiya label. This one only seems to have been available for rather a short time, so perhaps there are relatively few in circulation.

I would add them to Discogs myself, but I already have a full-time job. Plus I’m somewhat fearful of inadvertently transgressing the site’s norms in some unforgivable way and incurring the wrath of one or more of the gatekeepers there.