Self-portrait with face obscured by a child's football and wearing a 'Superbitch!' t-shirt

Yesterday brought another birthday, my fifty-fifth. From an earlier such occasion (no. 42), the self-portrait above. My Nikon F80 was loaded with one last roll of Kodachrome that I needed to finish off and get processed while the service was still available. I elected to use the remaining twenty-odd exposures for some selfies, taking them the old fashioned way using a self-timer.

The results were regrettably poor–an ignominious end to my Kodachrome journey. Sensing, even as I was taking the shots, that I was failing to put my subject at his ease, I took a last couple with my face obscured with a child’s football that had found its way into our garden: those weren’t quite so bad. The Superbitch! shirt, by the way, was one that my wife had bought for herself from a market stall in Sweden, but that I ended up wearing more than her.