A small blue (and clear) ornamental glass vase.

On the same occasion I bought the typewriter mentioned a few entries ago, something else at the same shop caught my eye when a piece of coloured ornamental glass was illuminated by a momentary ray of sunshine. It was the item shown above: a bud vase? a perfume bottle minus its stopper? It cost me all of £2. It’s evidently had a bit of a life already, with some minor damage here and there: nevertheless, something about it appeals to me.

It reminds me somewhat of Swedish-style glass like Kosta Boda (though perhaps of lesser quality). Where I lived in Sweden was within a couple of hours' drive of the Kosta Boda HQ in deepest Småland, and my wife & I went up there a couple of times. They did a factory tour that was genuinely fascinating; and the on-site shop was very good too. Eighteen or so years and three house-moves later, I still have a few of their ‘snowball’ candle-holders, some drinking-glasses, and the little ornamental item shown below: an impractical bowl? another candle holder?

A small brown (and clear) ornamental Kosta Boda glass bowl.