Golden Cenarth

An opened pack of 'Golden Cenarth' cheese, with a piece cut out.

At The Marches Delicatessen in Monmouth the other Saturday I continued my haphazard exploration of the world of artisanal cheese with the acquisition of a wedge of Caws Dyfi and a pack of Golden Cenarth, both made here in Wales. The former, a hard sheepsmilk cheese resembling an Italian pecorino, was interesting, with a bold & lingering taste that was a little intense for my liking – but I think I could appreciate it as an addition to richly-flavoured dishes.

The latter is more my style. I’d previously tried the same company’s Perl Wen which I’d also enjoyed, but I like this one better still. It’s a softish cheese, rind-washed with cider, exhibiting what its makers describe as an ‘unique savouryness’ – certainly a full but not overpowering flavour, which, alas, I’m not quite getting in its entirety thanks to a slight head-cold I’ve picked up. Even so, it’s a cheese I’ll be trying again.

An unopened pack of 'Golden Cenarth' cheese.