The Long Room

A black & white photo of the interior of a 17th-century building used for rope-making.

Something else from my time in Sweden, a picture of an extraordinary indoor space, the Repslagarbanan, that is the ‘rope-walk’, in Karlskrona. It’s a 300m-long 17th-century wooden shed formerly used for rope-making by the Swedish Navy. The building is located within the grounds of the current navy base, and is normally off-limits to the public, apart from on their annual open-days.

I took it with my Nikon F80 using Ilford Delta 400 film. There wasn’t a great deal of available light and I had to try resting the camera on some kind of surface to get a long-enough exposure, as illustrated by the general lack of sharpness and more particularly by the blurred figures in the distance (more readily visible in the full-size image). I’d hoped to get a shot without anyone in view, but that wasn’t to be.