A monochrome film photograph of some clothes-pegs on a dewy clothesline caught in a ray of early-morning sunsine.

Of the various kinds of photographic film I tried out, one I didn’t have much luck with was Rollei Ortho 25. My attempts to develop it at home were bedevilled by blemishes in the finished negatives. Most likely this was due to something amiss in my process, although I suppose it could just have been a bad batch of the film. In any case, most of the frames I shot on the stuff were uninspired efforts, so little of value was spoiled.

The sole exception was the photo above. Early one autumn morning I caught sight of a low slant of sunlight illuminating the bedewed clothesline in the garden and the plastic pegs hanging from it. What at other times would have been a poor choice of subject had momentarily become a fascinating one. There are still small blotchy marks in this frame too (much more apparent when viewing a larger version of the image), but they are less prominent than on most of the others from the same roll. I took the photo with my Mamiya C330S, and developed the Ortho 25 in Rodinal.