Hans White Wove

A box of Harrods 'Hans White Wove' writing paper and some of its contents

Shown above is a vintage box of Harrods' Hans White Wove writing paper. On the side of the box the only information is that it would have contained 200 single sheets in a size they called ‘Kings’ – which seems to have been 8"x6¼" or so, that is a smidgeon wider than Albert Quarto (8"x6") and a tad narrower than Foolscap Quarto (8"x6½"). The sheets are fairly thick, and un-watermarked. I previously owned some similarly-branded Hans Bank pads. As often, trying to determine its approximate age isn’t easy, but in this case the packaging may provide a clue.

The box contains two sheaves of paper. Underneath are what I presume to be the remnants of its original contents. Around them is a paper band bearing the text “Harrods Ltd. / London SW1” in the same size & style of lettering as are on the box. On top is a larger number of marginally smaller Albert Quarto sheets wrapped in a band which has only the single word “Harrods” on it, and in different lettering. The latter is the more recognisable Harrods logotype first introduced in 1967. The contents of this box, then, could perhaps reflect a before-and-after look at the store’s stationery branding in the late ’60s or early ’70s.