Some colourful tents in front of Caerphilly Castle.

Here’s a photo of some colourful tents in front of Caerphilly Castle. The tents were there for the duration of the ‘Big Cheese’ festival in 2010. It’s a Kodachrome slide which doesn’t really show that film to its best advantage. Had there been blue sky and brighter sunlight, I think it would have come out significantly better. In any light, moreover, green wasn’t Kodachrome’s best colour. Still, it’s as good a shot as I was going to get on the day.

Mediæval castles are two a penny in this part of the world, though admittedly the one at Caerphilly is on the larger side and fairly well-preserved. I’m not especially fond of the things myself: as with military architecture in general, I find castles to be rather dreary, unless thoroughly dilapidated – or designed to decorate rather than subjugate.