An assortment of Rössler 'Paper Royal' stationery.

Several years ago I bought some Tiffany-branded stationery. In a glossy pale-blue folder were red A5 sheets, edged in white, with matching C6 envelopes. It was a good-quality set, elegantly-presented, and presumably intended to be sold at an astonishing mark-up on account of its branding. I wouldn’t have considered buying it new: the barely-used set I obtained via ebay set me back something like £15-£20. One can still buy Tiffany-branded pens and notebooks but no longer writing paper, it seems. In small print on the back of the folder I saw that it had been made in Germany by Rössler.

The other week I was tempted – again at ebay – by a listing for a substantial quantity of Rössler stationery: writing pads, notecards and envelopes in a variety of styles and sizes, something like fifteen pieces in total – all of it unused. While the sheer amount of it was excessive even by my standards, curiosity won out and I made an offer. Some of the contents are shown above, all from their ‘Paper Royal’ line. ‘Edelbütten’ items were also well-represented, along with a smaller number of other odds & ends.