Orphan Envelopes

An assortment of envelopes.

When using up sets of writing paper and envelopes, I find there will almost always be at least one envelope left over once the sheets of paper are all gone. The picture above shows a sampling of some of the ‘orphan’ leftover envelopes I’ve held on to. A couple of them are relatively new, while some others are probably more than fifty years old.

Many of them are tissue-lined. The envelope to the top left and the green one overlapping it were both made by Elco. The latter has a deep brown lining, giving it a mint choc chip colour-scheme. The small blue envelope top-centre was made by G. Lalo in France, and has a delightful patterned lining. Also French is the ‘Amaris EVA’ envelope top-right with the asymmetric flap. It has a burgundy lining.

The red envelope was from a Tiffany-branded set made by Rössler in Germany. The impractically deep blue one came from an ‘Original Crown Mill’ set, made in Belgium. The envelope with the pink flap has a cartoon design of The Pink Panther on the front; the one to its right with the hammered finish has a lovely deep blue lining: I believe it to be French but don’t know who made it. The lilac envelope underneath those two came from a set of ‘Churston Deckle’ stationery, made in England.