Four CD album releases issued by the International Anthem Recording Company

The late, lamented jaimie branch’s album FLY or DIE II was the first one of several issued by the Chicago-based International Anthem Recording Company (IARC for short) that I’ve acquired over the last few years. Four of them are shown above.

  • Suite for Max Brown by Jeff Parker & the New Breed (IARC0029, 2020). This album by the fromer Tortoise guitarist & friends is a recent addition to my shelves but is the oldest of the four. I heard some of it soon after its release, only to make the mistake of putting off getting a copy. Having belatedly rectified the matter, I can recommend Gnarciss as an example track.
  • Open the Gates by Irreversible Entanglements (IARC0048, 2021) was the third album by this remarkable band, the second one to come my way. Its eponymous opening track sets up the mood perfectly. Their most recent album Protect Your Light (issued under the Impulse! imprint) is also right up my street.
  • In These Times by Makaya McCraven (IARC0059, 2022) was my favourite album of last year. It’s another one where the title-track is a beauty. Like other several other IARC issues it’s a joint venture with other record companies, in this case Nonesuch and XL Recordings.
  • There is Only Love and Fear (IARC0064, 2023) by Bex Burch is the latest of the company’s offerings to reach me. The opening number Dawn Blessings gives an idea of its mellow, earth-toned delights.